May 28, 2012

Playing with sunglass

I'm so forgetful nowadays that caused my son to play with my sunglass because I left it where it shouldn't be at. I left it on the computer table and when I was in the kitchen I noticed that my son stopped making noise and seemed busy with a new thing. There you go, he took my sunglass and tried to put it on and when he saw me, he tried to run away from me holding improperly the sunglass. Ohmy! good he didn't damage it like what he did to his dad's sunglass. I was able to get my camera and took picture of him trying it on. I bought him his own sunglass but he doesn't want to wear it, he just made it as one of his toys until it was broken. I thought of buying him a Disney's Cars themed sunglass hoping that he'll wear it because he likes Mcqueen and Mater. Here's his photo when he tried to put it on.

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