May 04, 2012

Skipping meals: unhealthy weight loss

I saw my friend's latest photo in facebook, she's so skinny so I sent her a message asking what happened to her. I got curious because she's bigger than I am but she managed to shed some pounds quickly and it seems not right. I was expecting that she's taking some diet pills more on following a diet regimen. She told me that she started watching her diet and strictly into portion/small size serving. She bragged about skipping meals to lessen calories intake but I told her that it doesn't work and it's unhealthy. Skipping meals, like breakfast usually result to gaining weight. The thought of skipping meals for purposes of saving calories is not good. It creates bad habits that lead to to weight gain. It's important to keep the metabolism fired up with the right foods at certain times of the day. Skipping meals tends to leave people hungrier later in the day, and they make up for the lost calories anyway. I told her that her being skinny looks like she's sick and she overdo whatever she did to lose weight. I told her that I don't believe that she can lose those pounds quickly by following a diet regimen and skipping meal/s. If she happens to read this, I hope she won't be shy to admit and disclose the reason behind the sudden losing of weight. I'm just a friend who cares and concern to her well being. I want to share some keypoints that I read regarding the importance of not skipping meals.
Skipping calories gives you an uneven distribution of calories throughout the day.
Skipping meals is known to cause low blood sugar.
Skipping meals delays insulin response, which can lead to diabetes.
When you skip meals you're not giving your body the energy it needs to properly function.
People tend to overeat when they are extremely hungry. Skipping meals allows you to reach that hunger level where you consume just about anything and forget when to stop.
It is easy to create late-night cravings that foster poor eating habits by skipping meals.
Feeling deprived from skipping meals can lead to binge eating and weight gain.

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