May 28, 2012

Wedding photos

Few days from now, we will be celebrating our wedding anniversary. It's been N wonderful years with some ups and downs which is common to any kind of relationship but the most important part of it, we hurdled them and we became better person. We realized more that "I" should be avoided instead apply the 'We' thoughts. Our love to each other has been tested as true love because no matter what happens, there's always something that binds us together and that's our true love. We let GOD maneuver on our lives. As I am typing this post, I paused and looked for our wedding photo album and reminisce the past. I could have make my wedding photos more beautiful if I have plenty of time then to look for good photographers like the raleigh wedding photographers. I've seen their works and I tell you they are awesome and unique. Who knows on our 10th year anniversary, we could renew our vows and have our portrait taken by the raleigh photographers.

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