June 09, 2012

2012 Stanley Cup Finals

Today was been very exciting for the sports fans like me because of the NBA Playoffs Game 7 of Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics, then the Stanley Cup Finals Game 5 between LA-Kings and NJ-Devils and Pacquaio vs. Bradley in boxing. As of this writing, Miami Heat won and will face OKC in the finals, the boxing is still ongoing and lastly, NJ Devils won Game 5 which makes the series 3-2. I enjoy hockey game very much and when we won the Stanley Cup two years ago, the more I got hooked in that sport. I witness the parade of Stanley Cup trophy and it gave me goosebumps and I really wish for more trophies to come. It just saddens me that some of my favorite players were traded to another team but we have to move on, my team works as a team so whoever in it, they will succeed. In this 2012 Stanley Cup Finals, I admire the passion of the NJ-Devils, they really want to win that's why they worked hard to comeback and who knows, they might turn the series 3-2 to 3-4 and brings Stanley Cup again.

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