June 03, 2012

8th Grade Graduation Party

I got an invitation from my sister in law for my niece's 8th grade graduation party and it will be hawaiian luau theme. Unfortunately, we wouldn't be attending because it conflicts with our already booked camping trip. Our first time to miss a family gathering but I know that it will be a blast. I just need to buy a gift and drop it off before we headed to our camping trip. Herego again, the difficulty of finding a gift for someone who can have whatever she wants. I thought of something for her newly redecorated room, she shifted to purple from her previously pink theme. I might buy her a new unique kids bedding because she's done with those disney's characters theme. Something plain with minimal floral or shapes design in purple color. I hope I can find a good deal/discount but at the same time good quality and design. Time flies so fast, she used to sit on my lap when I moved here in USA but now, she's 5'11" tall, I'm always chin up when talking to her.

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