June 03, 2012

Bonding with my son

It's very seldom that hubby needed to work on Sundays but today he's supposed to. He woke up very early to attend the 6am mass in a different church before heading to his work. Me and my son attended the 10am mass and we have our brunch at a new diner restaurant. I phoned my hubby while waiting for our orders and he thought I was with a friend because I used to bring my son in a fastfood specifically Mcdonalds if he's not around. I told hubby that I have a mother and son bonding and we missed him. It's a routine, after attending mass, the three of us have lunch at our favorite diner in Indiana and bring our son to the park or shopping malls. It's hard to tow my son to somewhere that I like to go because he won't stop bugging me to go to the park which I can't bring him yet due to too much heat. I was just starting to park in Target, he's screaming, throwing tantrums and wouldn't want to get out from the car. Unlike if hubby's around, he could bring him somewhere that he'll be distracted while me doing stuff that I needed to do. I hope hubby could go home early so we could have dinner somewhere, keeping the Sundays' routine.

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