June 01, 2012

Brochure of Incubators

How many times you experienced receiving stuff from your Postman that were not intended for you? I have instances where I received letters, magazines, brochures and package that were not for us. Either the postman overlooked the street number address or the recipient was the previous owner of the house. Honestly, I always take time to drive and bring them to the post office because that's the right thing to do and I always bear in mind the 'what if it happens to me too?', my mails delivered somewhere else. Yesterday I got this brochure of incubators and it was not sealed so I was able to browse it thinking that it's for hubby but when I got into the last page and look at the recipient's address, it's for my neighbor across the street. As soon as I finished the browsing, I went out and personally delivered the brochure. The brochure contains laboratory incubators of different types and model. I haven't seen any of them personally but they look familiar, maybe I've seen them in those tv shows like Grey's Anatomy or one of the CSI shows. There's one incubator that cost more than $10k and I wonder where it's use for. The brochure highlighted the tag line 'affordable prices'. Anyway, I tried to talk to the postman and informed him about the circumstances and he promised he'll check the address carefully. You can't avoid this thing to happen again in the future because postmans were randomly assigned.

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