June 18, 2012

Camping Trip

It's been days that I haven't done any post in here because we were in a camping trip. Prior to the camping trip, I got so busy preparing for the food and stuff that we brought which unfortunately hubby was not able to join the group because of work schedule. It's my first time to go camping here in USA and it turned out very well. My son had so much fun swimming and playing with his buddies. Four families stayed in one cabin, there were lots of beds and bunk beds for the kids. We cooked our food, grilled and had a bonfire. On our last day, it rained in the afternoon so most of us stayed inside the cabin and took a nap by 5pm, our kids were swimming again. Lots of food, drinks and it was the 50th birthday of our male friend which made it more fun. The beauty of our camping was we're bonded in one house, some friends brought their RV's but our group, we shared all the chores, take turns and watch each other's children. It's lots of fun and my son and I joined in my friends' van which made my son easier to take care because he's with his buddies. Here are some of the photos.

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