June 11, 2012

Car Accident

I got a bad news learning that my co-worker had an accident on her way to Raleigh, NC to spend memorial weekend with her daughter. Her car was hit by a SUV truck who fell asleep while driving and swerved on her lane. She was badly injured and needed to stay in a wheelchair for months until her therapy is done and hopefully she can walk again. The other bad news was the driver of the van is not the real owner and he's driving with a suspended license. It's good that my co-worker was already in the boundary of NC and her daughter was able to be with her on time. It will take lots of medical treatments and their anticipating huge expenses on this. For now, they were able to cope up because of my co-worker's savings but she will be needing therapies in the future. With this situation, they are looking for business lawyer raleigh nc to help them in filing case against the driver and to collect for damages incurred including physical injury. It was a very sad news because my co-worker was planning to finish this year and retire from her work and relocate to Raleigh with her daughter. She wanted to take care of her grandchildren so that her daughter could work full-time but this situation will cause her daughter to stay at home for the meantime to take care of her and the children. I wish her well and hopefully get what she deserved in her court battle.

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