June 08, 2012

Desktop computer for my parents

Thanks to the advancement of technology because we have mediums such as Skype and Yahoo Messenger to keep in touch with our family/friends even we're miles away. When I left Philippines, I have a month old desktop computer and that's what my parents are using for our webchat. Todate, that desktop needs a replacement because it frequently experience defects such as hanging, rebooting by itself and other symptoms that anytime now it will retire. It's already time to send my parents their semi-annual balikbayan packages. I thought of scouting for a replacement to their computers amongst the desktops that I browsed online. My specifications are basic, it should be fast, has a good performance based on its processor, Windows 7 and with great audio quality. But, I'm also considering laptop so it will be handy that will allow my parents to use it wherever they are so they can do their things without disruption while talking to me. I don't know, maybe the cost will be the deciding factor, will see what has the great deal in terms of discount.

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