June 04, 2012

Donating my car

My car is ten years old but still running great. We've been planning to buy a bigger car since we have our son but it hasn't materialize yet because both hubby and mine cars are still working fine. Last weekend we were out of state and we used hubby's car and we forgot some stuff to bring because there's no room for them. Hubby brought all his fishing stuff, we brought cooler, portable grill and things for swimming and when it's time to get some stuff, it's so difficult because they were jammed in the trunk. With this scenario, we thought that it's about time to buy a bigger vehicle, though it's long overdue but this time we should make it happen. In regards with my car, instead of trading it, we're thinking of donating it instead. I heard about carangel car donations and I'm gonna look at it as possible recipient of my car. My friend donated her car to this organization because their cause is worthy to be supported.

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