June 27, 2012

Fed up with the Kardashians

You can call me cheap for giving these people a space in my site and waste my time making a post. I was in the grocery store and saw a tabloid that Kim was on the front page. I just want to say that I'm so fed up with their dramas and their countless gimmicks. I wonder why Yahoo news and magazines make news about them which oftentimes non-sense. I haven't watch their reality show and no plans of even taking a glance of it but if I can just control my Yahoo news feed and get rid of them, I would do that like what I'm doing in Facebook when a friend post annoying/non-sense stuff, I unsubscribed from them or hide them from my newsfeed. Kim Kardashian from porn to fame, from few days marriage to call it quits then hooking up with such a #$&^%# Kanye West. Ohmy! Maybe they have shares with Yahoo, I bet they paid huge for a publicity. My day is ruin whenever I turned on my computer and there's a news about the Kardashians in Yahoo. I hate their dramas/gimmicks and using it to earn money.

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