June 29, 2012

God answers prayer

I always pray to GOD wherever I am, it's my way of talking to him. I thank him for waking up each day, for not having a headache, for being well, for my son because GOD has given me the greatest gift to a woman and that's being able to conceive and for giving birth to a healthy boy. I thank GOD for each day that hubby goes to work because it means we have a source of income. I ask for guidance and safety for all of us. I also include in my prayer that I could have the opportunity to work again if it's already time, GOD knows the best for me. I also pray that my parents could finally come here before the Summer season ends. I can see light at the end of the tunnel. I hope and pray that GOD will grant me those things that he knows will be best for me. He knows what's in my heart and mind, if HE won't give me those things this time, I will patiently wait because I know He's preparing a better one for me. I can always attests that GOD answers prayer, he always do that to me. 

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