June 04, 2012

Handed down leather couch

My friend finally sold their house and started packing their stuff to be temporarily place in their rented storage. They will be renting an apartment temporarily while waiting for their new house official turnover. The new owner of their house wants to move the soonest so they don't have other options but to look for an apartment. They are disposing some of their old stuff and one of them is a leather couch. My friend is giving that to me which I'm a little hesistant because it's hard to maintain a leather couch. She told me that cleaning leather couch and repairing are not that difficult because there is a Do-It-Yourself Leather kit that will allow you to repair holes or whatever damage it caused the leather and it comes with the detailed instructions on how to resolve the problem either repair or restoration issues. I can't say No, because I can place that leather couch in the basement served as play room of my son. Hubby and I can sit there and relax by watching tv or reading a book while overseeing my son while he's playing. Blessings come in all forms like a handed down leather couch.

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