June 05, 2012

House for sale

We visited my inlaws yesterday and met their neighbors from their old house who paid a visit that day too. They moved to Madison, Wisconsin and their old house has been for sale since 2009 and unfortunately, don't have prospective buyers. They used to hire a real estate agent until they decided to place it by owner which didn't make any advantage to them. Their house was built in 1920 and has not been remodelled into the latest trend. They're complaining about the maintenance expenses it incurs because they only have limited income nowadays and they haven't decided if they're going to retire as their current situation is uncooperative. They're a couple without a child and most of their relatives are in Arkansas. They're seeking advise from my inlaws about their house for sale and came up with the plan to donate a house to charity. It's my first time personally to hear someone donating their house. I just hear them from reality shows/news or read it from newspaper. It has more advantages to them than keep it and wait because the house is not that attractive for buyers and there are lots of house for sale.

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