June 28, 2012

I love Ann Curry

It saddens me to hear that Ann Curry is no longer part of Today Show and those stories circulating that she's to be blamed for the declining rank of that show compared with Good Morning America.  You can see with Ann the sincerity, honesty and professionalism, she's not showbiz. She's there to deliver the news and share the truth. NBC seemed like a rude employer, some people said that NBC stands for Nothing But Crap. Look what have they done to Conan O'Brien, they are willing to pay you out even it means a lot of money because they don't consider one's passion and dedication to the show. It's so mean of them to say that Ann Curry was the reason for the low ratings of the show. Why not look at Matt Lauer, he needs to be replaced or reinvent his part on the show. I wish Ann Curry the best and may she continues to do what she likes best and hopefully she could transfer to another network who deserves great employee/person like her.

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