June 21, 2012

I still don't like Lebron James

Congratulations to Miami Heat but I still don't like Lebron James. It's a must that they win because of the 3 big stars in the team (James, Wade and Bosh) plus it's their second time in the NBA Finals. It will be a shame if they lost again. Kudos to OKC for playing great though they failed to prepare a good offense plan on this Game 5 because they missed lots of shots, failed rebounds and was not able to shift to shooting outside. Miami Heat had a great offense plan, they communicate better. I expected that Heat will win but I was still hoping that OKC could steal that away. There will still next time and OKC should be proud of themselves for coming to NBA Finals because honestly I only know of Durant and Westbrook as the good players but it's a team effort. One shine because of the others and the humbleness are crystal clear on this team.

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