June 05, 2012

Insurance Agent

Very few immigrants can land a job nowadays in USA except those with technical and high skilled backgrounds. My friend is so fortunate to have her first job here in USA just after less than a week that she got her SSS and Greencard. She worked in large insurance company in the Philippines since she graduated in college. That experience became her passport for this current job she has. She phoned me the other day and broke the good news that she's now working as insurance agent and at the same time offered me to get term insurance no medical exam. I don't have life insurance it's only hubby for now and it's part of the plan to get me one in the nearest future. We just need to assess our finances since only one of us works for now. I was curious with that tag line 'no medical exam', is that for real? She told me that there are some few health questions that needed to be answered and from there, assessment will be done if one is qualified and approved. I'm glad that I have someone that could teach me and broaden my knowledge on these insurance stuff with just a phonecall away and can be reached even after office hours, thanks to our years of friendship.

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