June 09, 2012

Jeans for fishing

I bought lots of shorts for hubby's fishing trips but he don't wear them. He prefers jeans because he wants to avoid bug bites and too much sun burn on his legs. Yeah, he wore longsleeved tees to protect his arms and a hat. The last time that I washed his denim jeans, they were too faded due to constant use. I thought of buying him carhartt jeans this father's day and pair it with a sandals. I hope I can find a good deal / discount and lots of styles to choose from. I hope that shipping cost won't be that much and it will come on time. I need to re-check what's hubby's waistline because I think he gained weight and I don't want him to be uncomfortable wearing them which for sure will lead to never wear them again. Now, I thought of checking also the return policy of the store where I will decide to buy. I hope hubby would wear them which I know he will as long as it's comfortable and basic style because he doesn't care much of the trend in fashion.

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