June 08, 2012

Looking for a seat cushion replacement

Hubby asked me if I came across with any advertisements regarding motorbike accessories from my subscribed magazines and Sunday newspaper which I told him, I haven't. I asked why he's asking and he said that his co-worker's motorbike seat cushion needs to be replaced and I wondered how he knew about this. He told me that his co-worker invited him to have lunch outside the hospital cafeteria and he declined because it will take him so long to come back because he was parked very far. His co-worker told him that they will use his motorbike, which he finally agreed and he was uncomfortable with the seat cushion due to cuts on the edges. His co-worker asked apology for that and told him that he's looking for Airhawk Seat Cushion which the brand he prefers. That's the reason why hubby was asking me if I saw advertisements for motorbike accessories because he's curious on the appearance of the cushions and how much they cost. It's easy to find it, just search online, I told hubby.

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