June 12, 2012

Lost and Found

We took our son to downtown via train and he loved it. He's overwhelmed everytime the train stop and people get in, as if he knew all of the people. When I moved to the corner, I found a yo yo toy and I let my son play it for the meantime. He just flipped it over and over so I took it and showed him how to play that. At his age, he doesn't know how to control it so he played that as in pretending that it's a car. I remember when I was a teenager we play this toy all the time and my cousin joined the tournament and won. I saw someone in America Got Talent show that plays it amazingly. There are lots of tricks and you can put some dance steps while playing it. The creativity of kids are awesome. We left that toy to the conductor, my son cried so I mentioned that we're going to the park and Mcdonalds which made him stop crying. It was a nice trip for the three of us, we just ate in an Asian Restaurant and made a quick stroll in shopping malls then we headed back home.

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