June 30, 2012

Lots of things in mind

I have lots of things in mind to blog about but I can't figure out what to write first for reason that I'm having limited time with the computer because my son kept on bugging me whenever he sees me in front of the computer. Either he wants to watch his own videos or go to his favorite site starfall.com or he'll asks me lots of things such as snack or a toy. Anyway, I thought of doing this post first stating what's in mind at present. While doing this post, I'm watching the Extreme Makeover Home Edition and I was so touched with the episode because finally a family can now live together, the husband suffers with PTSD and that hindered him to come home and live with his family but the tv show made it possible by creating a house that suits his needs. I thought of making a post about reality shows, why people are fond of them, the current ruling of the Supreme Court about Obamacare, the end of Summer Camp, the recent hot weather in our state, the fire in Colorado because we have friends over there, my friend and her family which lives nearby will be moving to their new place/house which saddens me. My extensive review for my board exam, my job hunting experience, daycare scouting vs. babysitter. I want to challenge myself with losing 1 pound a day until I reach my ideal weight, trying to learn gardening, cooking/preparing healthy/nutritious food. Ohmy! I have more things added in my mind while doing this post. I will end this by saying that GOD has been usually good to me these days.  

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