June 03, 2012

Maternity Clothes

I had a get together party last week and my friend Charlotte and her hubby came which made us happy since we haven't seen her for such a long time. She's five months pregnant but she looks 7-8 months because she's tall and belongs to the plus size group. She' wore a very tight shirt and I asked her if she's comfortable with that and she replied 'No extra budget for a new maternity clothes, so I'll stick with Paul's shirt and my old maternity pants". Paul is her husband who got laid off last year and they just depend on Charlotte's job for now. With this, I initiated that I will buy her a maternity clothes plus size which the other ladies pledged to do the same. I took my laptop and started browsing the net for maternity clothes. We picked some sets and some pieces that she can mix and match with each other. We're satisfied with the ones that we've chosen for her, their colors/style and the cost is very affordable because some of them are on sale. She was very happy and told us that its not her birthday to receive such generous gifts. One friend of mine said 'even we're in recession, there will always room for fashion' and we laughed out loud.

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