June 07, 2012

Need a new eyeglass

I was asked to drive and drop my mother in law in the north suburb to attend a seminar because her van was borrowed by a friend who went out of town. She saw my broken eyeglass in the tray and asked me how I was able to manage without it. I'm a nearsighted so it's hard for me to read signs at far, needed to get nearer so I can see and read it. But, I can manage not wearing it but I must get a new one the soonest. Upon hearing this, my mother in law mentioned that she needed to upgrade her progressive glasses  and encourage me to go with her so I can also have my new prescription eyeglass. I told her that's a good idea but I'm having second thoughts because I know she will insist to pay for it which hubby and I don't want her to do. She should keep whatever money she has now that she's retired. It's my first time to hear about progressive lenses and I searched online and have known that progressive lenses require careful placement relative to the patient's pupil distance, error on this can cause narrow fields of view and a need to move the head position to see clearly. It's pricey compared with the other types of lens.

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