June 10, 2012

Remembering our parish priest

I remember our parish priest for his good voice and compassion. The smile on his face and always ready to shake your hands or tap you on the shoulder just like saying, hi and hope you're doing fine. Most of his homily were true stories of his life and the people around him which he used humor when sharing them with us. We always smile or laugh during the homily and there's always truth about it. My neighbor was one of those in charge with the funeral planning, assisting the immediate family and she told me how much the family miss him. I cried hard when I learned that he passed away because he's part of my catholic family here in USA. Every Sunday mass with him makes me feel at home because he imparts genuine values to all of us. He's not ashamed to share how his parents argued with non-sense stuff and how them the kids reacted. His teachings are real, it's his personal realization of the things that happen to one's life. He always professes great love and faith to GOD. We miss him so much and I know that all his teachings about life and death will always stay with us.

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