June 06, 2012

Spa and salon exclusive for children

I respect all cultures and beliefs because I want to be given respect too with regards to my Filipino culture which is basically conservative and religious. When I moved here in USA, there are lots of habits/hobbies/manners and the way of life that overwhelmed me, some of them were already embraced but some stuff regarding children will be hard and not possible. In manner of dressing, I'm so conservative, I don't want my daughter wearing skimpy shorts or skirts, showing lots of skin from top to bottom. I don't want her to have nail polish at early age, wear makeup and dress like a grown-up. I want the traditional style where girls wear children styled dresses and eventually a into the teenager style's. When I read the newspaper, I saw this advertisement for a Spa and salon and it has the phrase 'exclusive for children'. There are lots of problems with teenagers here in USA, early pregnancy, obesity, bullying, cosmetic surgery/enhacements, diet pills, tanning, drugs, prostitution and many others. I believe that exposing children to be vain at early age has disadvantages like going to a spa and salon exclusively for children. Children should enjoy being children, they shouldn't be conscious at early age of how they look, how to be fit in a group? Will I be cool if I go to spa and salon, have all the latest gadgets, wearing latest brands of clothes and accessories, having enhancements and others. I just can't believe that certain people will create a spa and salon exclusive for children, what is their purpose? Encouraging parents to send their kids as way of pampering themselves. Children should think other things first before having this spa pampering. In my view, children should be taught at early age how to take care of themselves and being NATURAL is beautiful. This spa treatments are superficial, usually those who can afford are the ones expected to come on this establishment but for those who can't afford should not force themselves to be in debt just to be cool. I know, to each his own but teenagers nowadays here in USA are too attached to material things, they do and get whatever things they want in whatever it takes because they were exposed to being vain, being told of what is required to be attractive and many more. I don't know why people thought of such business exclusive to children, where's the importance of family bonding? Family go together, father and son for their haircut, mom and daughter for haircut and nail treatments. This spa and salon exclusive for children is one of those medium that greatly influence priorities of children and shaping their values.

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