June 06, 2012

Testosterone boosters

I was in the supermall the other day and while walking along the way, I saw this booth with sales people offering something to the passersby. They're also distributing brochures which I got one and it's about testosteron boosters. What is testosterone? It's a steroid hormone that has anabolic effect which includes growth of muscle mass, increased bone density, bone maturation and strength, stamina, energy and sexual vigor. They were giving few samples which I failed to have but I don't regret it because if even I got one, I know for sure that hubby wouldn't try it. There are lots of supplements that boost testosterone levels and you could hardly determine which works legit and which are not and just a scam. So, just try to check the manufacturer and distrubutor plus if the company is approved by FDA or a legit company.

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