June 02, 2012

Windows Shades

Last week, I attended a housewarming party and the said house is awesome. The exterior offers a great impression and when you enter the house, it's more than you expected. The interior design is so classy including furnitures and accessories. It was a dream house for me and the favorite part of the house that most women like is the master bathroom. Upon entering the master bathroom, you can feel calmness and at ease because it's properly decorated. The tub is amazing and it's sorrounded with huge windows. The windows are decorated with cellular shades and the design and color compliment with the other accessories therein. One of my friend joked about living inside that master bathroom. That windows shades gave me an idea regarding our dining room windows that looks like the one in the photo, because my son kept on pulling our drapes and playing hide and seek on it. Instead of drapes, I could try some windows shades, I'll check out some designs suited in our dining room and I might buy next week.

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