July 17, 2012

Cellphone theft

I read in the newspaper the increase of cellphone theft and the list of top ten cities in the US where phones are stolen as of 2011 is hereunder:
1. Philadelphia
2. Seattle
3. Oakland
4. Long Beach
5. Newark
6. Detroit
7. Cleveland
8. Baltimore
9. New York

Here in our state, it's almost everyday that I heard news from radio/tv that people got hurt because they struggled and fought with the snatcher/theif of their cellphones which usually happens in the train station. I thought of my friend who's always on her cellphone because of the nature of her job, technical support. I mentioned the recent crimes and warned her to take precautions because they usually targeted females. She told me that she's aware of that and prepared herself by buying defense spray. She always place this spray on her pocket and whenever she needed to answer a call/use her cellphone, she puts one hand on her pocket holding the spray in case someone attempt to grab her phone. That's nice to hear that she's aware and prepared herself for some untoward incidents. In times like this, we really need to prepare ourselves and think of what defense we can do and use to save ourselves from harm.

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