July 24, 2012

Damaged sprinkler

I brought hubby to my friend's new house so he could see the neighborhood and how far the place from his work in case he planned to get a house there too. We drove around the area and discovered that shopping malls and most giant retailers are there on one area which is great. We also look for the nearby schools and catholic church. With short notice, we arrived on my friend's house and we caught her on the lawn trying to fix her sprinklers. She told me that if I know somebody that repair sprinklers and I told her, I'm going to ask my father inlaw because they did have sprinkler repair houston last year. My friend has placed some of her plants that came from her old house and the front house really look good with that added plants. Going back to her sprinkler, I advise her to look online to have an idea on how much it cost. We didn't stay longer because hubby left his pager at home and worried that he might have his assigments the next day paged and he needed to confirm it right away.

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