July 23, 2012

Electric guitar for a gift

Hubby's nephew from his youngest sibling is turning 16 years old next month. Time flies so fast because when I came here in USA, he used to play hide and seek, tag and hop scotch with his cousins, now he's into playing guitar and he turned into a young man. I remember his mom kept on kissing him on the cheeks during our get together but now, he might have already a girlfriend. Hubby and I are planning to give him fender pawn shop mustang electric guitar. I know he will loved it and will use it or add to his collections. He's also into baseball, golf and swimming but his heart is on the music side. He's a member of a band, formed with his friends and classmates. They are not into hard rock or metal type of music, more of beattles types. I hope my son would be interested in playing musical instruments when he grows up which I'm kinda positive because he sings a lot.

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