July 23, 2012

Father and son bonding

Thank GOD that I wouldn't worry that much where to leave my son while I'm having my orientation/training for my part time job because he's in the daycare. The first time that I left him there, he was crying, it broke my heart and I wanted to stay longer to console him but it won't do good so I sneaked out quickly. On my way to work, I was thinking of him, his food and who's going to assist him during pee and potty. But, I told myself they know their job, they deal with all these kinds of scenarios. I just realized that I have the separation anxiety. When I picked him up in the afternoon, he saw me already but he didn't move/walk towards me and he wanted to stay there. I just distracted him by saying that we're going to meet his friend. After dinner, hubby came and my son told him right away, 'Daddy let's go, let's go to bed'. His dad told him that he'll take his dinner first. But my son was so persistent, pushed him on the couch and told him to lay down. When hubby laid down, he laid on top of him and played wrestling with his dad. It's nice to see them having fun.

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