July 20, 2012

Flat Screen TV

My friend has finally moved to their new house which I like very much. I've been there twice already and I told her that I will rent the guest room. The furnitures/fixtures were temporarily placed where it can fit and my friend wants to visualize everything before she finally set them up. She wants to have their flat screen tv to be set-up on a tv rack which she's planning to buy but her husband wants it to be wall mounted. She didn't agree with that because she's thinking that they might buy a new/bigger size tv and the mount might not support it properly. The next day when she got home from school, she's suprised that the his hubby bought a flat screen mount and have it installed. I told her that it's okay because they still have the other room which she can make as family room. She can buy the tv rack that she likes and place their other electronic/accessories. I hope in the future I'll have a similar house, for now it's in my dreams.

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