July 26, 2012

Got a promotion

Hubby's closest co-worker, Mark was promoted to manager level and he's having his party on the 2nd week of August 2012 which co-incides with his youngest son 1st birthday celebration. Hubby kept on asking me what we're going to give Mark and I told him that I don't have any idea. Then, I asked him what is Mark's main hobby, is he into sports or indoor activities. I learned that Mark is a biker, he's into motorcycling and hang out with other bikers every 2nd Sunday of the month. There you go, I know now what to give Mark, I saw various mma shirts worn by my facebook friend's hubby. I'm very sure that he will love them, it's nice to be worn inside his leather jacket and the design fits his taste. Hubby was kinda skeptical about it so I turned to him and said 'you like fishing right?' when I gave you a shirt about fishing, were you not happy about it? He said 'I give up', lol!

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