July 21, 2012

Graduation Gift

In two weeks time, my friend will be graduating on a nursing course and I'm so happy and proud of her. She's been my inspiration to go back to school again after being tied as stay at home mom for years. She proved that you can do things at the same time with dedication and perseverance. She was able to juggle her time between taking care of her family, her part-time job and her school. Now, everything has paid off, things are falling on its proper places. With this, I'm planning to give her an e-reader gadget because she loves to read. But I'm having difficulty in figuring out what to buy, it's Kindle vs Kobo! I read lots of good reviews about this Kobo but Kindle has been there for quite sometime so it's more famous that the other one. I don't know, I need to ask my friend who's been using Kindle eversince it came out in the market. He knows a lot about all these gadgets which I must admit that I've been outdated since I moved here in USA and became a stay at home mom. I hope my friend would love an e-reader regardless of brand that I might end up buying.

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