July 28, 2012

Helping others

I thought of writing a post about helping others because my cousin was misjudged, criticized and somehow insulted. I believe that no matter how big your help to others, does not give you a reason to judge someone's life because you don't know what that person is going through and you're not friends. It's like someone asked you if he can borrow your ladder, you said yes! The borrower thought that it's sincere, unknowingly you started to bad mouth him because you feel superior because you helped him. Then you started saying that the borrower should fix his life in order for him to have his own ladder. You started to criticize his way of life, you judged his personality and insulted him by not saying it upfront and directly to himself.  Whatever comes out from your mouth, defines who you are. Sometimes we need to look at the mirror first before we open our mouth and we need to choose our battles. I told my cousin, next time that you hear from that person, confront her and tell her to say whatever he wants to your face and be brave enough to stand on her belief about you. I told my cousin do not bother to respond because she's not worth it BUT if she didn't stop, let her know who's she's dealing with.

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