July 05, 2012

The hot weather is depressing

It was so hot today and I was not able to bring my son out because I already brought him the other day to places with indoor plays and activities. He wants to play in the park which obviously I won't let him and he wanted to go to the beach which unfortunately I can't do because it will be a long drive. We went grocery shopping and just walking in the parking lot made us too sweaty. I decided to stay at home and enjoy the coolness of A/C. Hubby warned us not to go out which I told him that's out of my plans. I organized my son's closet and sort out the outgrown clothes to be dropped off to donation bin. Hot weather seemed causing people to lose patience and their cool. I regret yelling at my little boy because of his constant bugging of going to the park. I hate to procrastinate but today I have lots of thing pending so I wouldn't make this post longer and I need to do some before I hit the sack.

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