July 09, 2012

Jamming night

Last night we went to a high-school graduation party and most of the teens brought their guitars and they're jamming on the backyard because the weather was awesome. It's nice to see teens doing what they love and passionate to do, it was awesome. They've played the Volcano song that Philip Philips performed in American Idol and it was great. I can see the joy and being proud in the eyes of the parents of those teens. I would be too! Out of curiousity, I noticed they have this thing on their fingers while playing the guitar, so I asked one of the teenagers and he said that's zero gravity guitar pick. They look so nice and they have different colors of it. Well, I don't know anything about playing guitar so I must admit that I'm ignorant on those accessories. I hope in the future my son could be into playing guitar and be included in their school band like his dad. For now, he loves to sing and may it be the start.

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