July 03, 2012

July 4th Celebration

Hubby will be working on the 4th of July so we decided to go somewhere today since he's off. We browsed for nearby cities activities for this day and we found a place where there's fair and fun for kids prior to the fireworks display. We decided to go out at lunch and we ate in our favorite Chinese restaurant with our favorite chicken broccoli to let our son eat some veggies because he likes the taste of that meal. Then we headed to the nearest mall to kill time because the fair will start by 4pm and we felt that time is still too hot so we came to the fair at 5pm. My son had a nice time and very exhausted so after an hour of us sweating, we decided to eat a light dinner because we brought some snack. We stayed longer in the restaurant to keep cool and went to the fireworks display area by 8pm since the start was 9pm. We were on the field and my son have so much fun watching the fireworks. He was so tired and it's past his bedtime so we want to go home the soonest and hubby decided to take the expressway unfortunately there was an accident so it took a while for us to get home. As soon as we entered our house, I sponge bath my son because he doesn't want to take shower and brought him to bed right away. As I am doing this post, my two boys are already asleep. I need to do some chores before I go to bed because I don't want to procrastinate and I don't want to start my day tomorrow with lots of things to do.

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