July 14, 2012

Looking for daycare

God has been so good to me and finally granted my wish to be able to work again. I will be starting my orientation next week and I don't know yet what will be my work schedule since it will be a part-time for now.  The timing of this new job gave me too much pressure because my son is on school vacation so he's at home all the time then my friend finally moved to their new house which is 30minutes drive from my house, who takes care of my son in cases of short notice call / assignment from my new job. I know I can count on her but there are situations that driving here-to for 30minutes could be a problem. I miss her already because she knows and understand the difficulties that I'm going through. Topmost consideration of mine for looking for a daycare is the facility and reputation. Is it safe and clean? Is it run by reputable, caring and qualified people. Secondly, it should be closer to home or to work. Then, what kind of program/activities do they have? Lastly, the considerable fee.  I found a daycare the suits my needs but it doesn't accomodate part-time care. If I'll go with the full-week schedule I will be spending more than what I  might earn that week. At first, I thought a nanny/sitter would suit my need because it might be a once a week and the rest of the days that I would be working could be hubby's and his mom's availability to take care of my son. How I wish that my mom and dad are here. How I wish my two friends who lives in the same city now could still live blocks away from me or I also live there. I can enroll my son anytime to the daycare that I want but for reason that I might just work twice-thrice a week is not practical. In 3 weeks time, my work schedule might be regular after the orientation/training week and that would make the daycare cost worth it. It was so stressful to plan where I'm going to leave my son for few hours, thank GOD that I have friends who's willing to help me out despite of our distance and their availability. These ladies even contracted their husbands to take care of my son in case they're not available. Thank GOD for my new job and for supportive friends.

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