July 23, 2012

Lost and Found

I was changing parking spot in Walmart yesterday because I want to park under the shade of a tree, when I noticed a shopping bag left inside the cart on the passenger side of my car. I stepped out and checked it out and I found a box of baccarat cigars. I thought of giving it to the customer service desk of Walmart in case the owner realized that he/she lost this stuff. I was hesitant to put it inside my car and drive somewhere where's there's a tree because I thought I will be caught in the camera getting the stuff and they might think that I'm stealing it. So, I decided to get inside Walmart first and surrendered the item to the customer service desk and then proceed to my car and reparked. It was not bought from Walmart because it was still partly enclosed in a FEdex shipping bag and put into Walmart shopping bag. Anyways, I did the right thing and I hope the owner will thought of going inside Walmart's Customer Service Desk and asked if someone has found it.

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