July 22, 2012

My Bff's birthday

Next month will be my bff's birthday and as early as now I'm thinking of what to send her. She lives in New York with comfort and convenience so it's really hard to find something for her because she can afford to buy things that she likes. We met during our gradeschool and reconnected 5 years ago through facebook. I love to visit her in the future, who wouldn't want to go to Hawaii with free accomodation. It's hard to find birthday gifts for girlfriend especially someone on her status. She's an OBGyne and married to a surgeon and have a daughter who's in college and wants to be a Pharmacist. I was thinking of sending her accessories but in her stature right now, she's into branded ones which gonna hurt my pocket. I thought of a personal stuff, things that I will do, a scrapbook but it will take sometime. Then I thought of sending her something to eat because she loves food which I hope she'll like and appreciate very much.

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