July 02, 2012


As what our parish priest's homily about the reaction of people with regards to the ruling of the Supreme Court in favor of the Obamacare, those people saying why they need to pay for somebody's insurance, they need to find a job so they get and pay their own insurance is a unchristianlike reaction. He mentioned that the government's policies are to be blamed. There are thrillions of dollars wasted for crap projects which usually created for the politician's self interest and kickbacks. Our priest mentioned that it's better that those money allocated for non-sense projects be given to the nuns because they will surely use them to help the needy. He mentioned during the Civil War, where the Northern part put their money to create those shelters for the wounded soldiers but these nuns were also providing assistance to the Southern people. Well, it's our priest's opinion but it doesn't speak for what I thought about it. For me I see it the other way around, the moment you mandated people to do something and if not followed will be punished with paying additional tax, the more it will be complicated. Who will monitor this? Another agency will be created? which means another bureaucracy. Then people would have the tendency to be complacent and not conscious with their lifestyle because they expect that they can go to the doctor anytime unlike when you don't have insurance, you are encourage to take of yourself, usually compelled to stay away from bad stuff.  For me, there should be a huge project with huge budget about obesity. We have those organizations for cancer cure, aids and others but come to think of it, obesity is the root of most illnesses. The most affected of this Obamacare are the small businesses. It's like all people with cars are mandatory to have car insurance, but not all people have cars, therefore they're not obliged to get a car insurance. Of course, this will mean increase on insurance premiums to cater for the others. Our neighbors have lived their 30 years here in USA without an insurance because they kept themselves healthy and maintain a good lifestyle. Now, they are complaining why they need to get insurance because in 2 or more years span, they don't get sick and don't have reason to go to the doctor. I don't know, my thoughts here might not that be clear but the bottom line is people who are poor will sooner becomes poorer. 

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