July 19, 2012


I started my job orientation this week and it stressed me out because the day and time schedules are not fixed so I can't arrange for a daycare. Thank goodness that my mother in law was off the first day, then hubby, then my friend who works in Walgreens. It's hard because I need to wake up my son very early to get ready and drive 25 miles to drop him off to my friend's house and pick him up again after my orientation. Next week, they told us that we'll be having our fixed training schedules which is good because I can now leave my son to daycare. Daycare costs a lot! Anyway, when my parents arrived they could help me for a month until my son goes back to school and have an after school daycare which will not hurt much my pocket. This is life in USA, couples should work to survive the cost of living. I must admit that I have the separation anxiety than my son because he seemed enjoying the company of others because he didn't bother to look for us and when he got home, he don't want to enter the house and cried a river and wants to go back to where I picked him up. I know GOD will help me to get through this because working again is what I love to do.

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