July 24, 2012

Shopping Mall's play area

Last Satudary, we went to Indiana to buy some fishing stuff of hubby and afterwards he dropped us in the mall to have his car tire's rotation. I preferred the idea of us waiting for him in the mall than to go with him and wait on the car dealers' lounge area.  My son had a blast and I wanted to spend the rest of the time to walk around the mall and shop, unfortunately my son was uncooperative, he just want to play slide over and over. I can't forced him to sit on the shopping cart, he kept on screaming so I gave in. The whole time, I was there sitting, watching him which was ok because he needs to have social interaction and some activities. When hubby arrived to pick us up, I asked him to give me half an hour to go around the mall and he agreed. I ended up buying stuff for my son. I got his photo while playing inside the mall.

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