July 25, 2012

Skid Steer Operator

I learned from my cousin in Oregon that her dad who's my uncle landed a job as skid steer operator in a construction site. My uncle has many years of experience of operating this kind of vehicle, he used to work in the middle east when my cousins were still in gradeschool. He relocated here in USA in 2010 through my cousin who petitioned him. I spoke with my uncle on our native language and he told that he's happy because he's an expert on operating that vehicle and his only complain, he can't understand his boss and co-workers when they speak so fast. He also mentioned that his boss is into used skid steers for sale and asked me if I want to buy one. I know my uncle was kidding, but I still replied that I needed two for my ranch, (lol) only in my dreams. At last, my uncle won't get bored because he found a job and he loves it.

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