July 22, 2012

Starting a catering business

I have this Filipina friend who loves to cook and all of her meals taste so yummy. It started on one occassion where we have potluck, her home cooked meal was  the blockbuster. Then, we started requesting her to cook something for us, we provide all ingredients and she's so gracious to accomodate our request. One Filipina friend told her that she should start a catering business and we're willing to help her. We recommended her to Filipinos that we know whose planning to have a party whether Filipino/American/Italian type of food. The other day, I saw her in the grocery store and mentioned to me that her catering business is doing good so far and she's looking for better deals on catering supplies. She asked for my help and I told her that I will look into it. It's nice to know that one of your friends became succesful on what she's good at. Aside from earning from it, she enjoys it more because it's more than a hobby, it's her passion.

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