July 08, 2012

Things are getter better

God is good all the time, he grants one's prayer in HIS time. He answered mine and I can't stop thanking him. I realized that one should just be patient and never lose faith in GOD for he knows better for us than we thought. He sometimes caused things to fall apart because that's his way and time to put things together just the way he wants it for us. God is so kind and merciful, I learned the value of patience and sacrifice because along the way up to the time that my prayer got answer, I've been through down moments, I felt less of myself but I never gave up because looking back at my life before, I've hurdled lots of things and it took time, the right time, GOD's time to surpassed them. When you let GOD maneuvers your life, things will be alright. It might not be what you wanted and expected but remember there are lots of people talking to GOD through prayer so your time will come. Whatever  and wherever this answered prayer may lead me, I  know that GOD granted this because it's the best for me. If it fails, I will never get tired of waiting for my turn, for my prayer to be answered again. Thank you Lord for allowing me to redeem my confidence that I somehow lost.

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