August 11, 2012

Good communication

Most people expect that communication is vice-versa or automatic, when a person speaks the listener is assumed to understand what's the meaning of what have said. This is what I've realized from my new job. You can never assumed that the other person you're talking to understand what you've said and at the same pace with you. You don't underestimate one's capabilities by the manner she/he communicates. You may thought that you know and have the better background knowledge of a certain thing thus, you speak with pride but unfortunately the other party might have less background, resulting to misinterpretation of your message. Good communication plays a vital role in any relationships and organizations. I found a thought to ponder about communication. We used to talk ABOUT each other's life and their faults and forgetting that it's better to talk TO each other to solve a problem. In an organization, instead of talking to each other and finding out what's their problems and their needs to resolve them, usually there's the backstabbing, pointing who's to be blamed and talk about that person's flaws. I realized that it's better to talk to each other, matters to be discussed upfront and not to talk about someone's weakness or flaws.

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