August 11, 2012

New hobby gets a lot of money

Our niece from the youngest sister of hubby loves to do anything related to art. At her 16 years of age, she religiously watch Martha Stewart's tv show and tried all the crafting especially the beadworks. Last christmas she made all of us beatiful bracelets. She is very creative and artistic which led her to showcase her creations in their town fair and it was a big hit. From there, she met a wedding designer and invited her to put up her creations in the wedding boutique shop. My niece best seller creation is the one with turquoise semi precious stone. My sister in law and our whole family are so proud of her and at young age, she knows how to value her earnings. She's not the typical teenager who wants to spend on latest gadgets and accessories. She's so simple and very humble despite her accomplishements.  She's fortunate to have a new hobby that gives her a lot of money.

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